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We are a leading custom activewear manufacturers with years of experience and with hundreds of satisfied customers, we know what kind of service, quality products and business relation you looking for. At Leopard Apparels we have infrastructure, experience, professionals to deliver goods and meet deadlines. Since our inception, we are working with reputable brands from USA, UK and Europe.

Yoga clothing

Yoga has become more and more popular over the years, and with its rise in popularity, the demand for high-quality yoga clothing has also increased. Yoga clothing manufacturers play a critical role in meeting this demand by producing a wide range of yoga wear products such as yoga pants, sports bras, yoga jackets, yoga tops, crop tops, yoga sets and yoga shorts.

As a leading custom yoga wear manufacturer and custom activewear manufacturers we use fabrics that are both comfortable and stretchy, allowing for a full range of motion during yoga practice sessions.

As a premium custom yoga clothing manufacturer, we at Leopard Apparels are dedicated to providing high-quality clothing’s that meet the needs of yoga practitioners of all levels. We use eco-friendly fabrics and production methods to minimize their impact on the environment. We always believe in fair and ethical dealing while producing high quality yoga clothing, as a yoga clothing manufacturer we feel and are an essential part of the global yoga community and we fulfil our responsibility very well.

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Women Leggings

We are high quality custom women leggings manufacturers, we use advanced manufacturing technologies and materials to create leggings that are comfortable, durable, and functional for various activities like yoga, running, and working out at the gym.

If you work with us for your custom women leggings, you will have the advantages like custom designs and branding options. This means brands and companies established or new startup can get their custom leggings with custom logos, labels and low MOQ. As a leading custom legging manufacturer, we offer a wide range of fabric options, including moisture-wicking and breathable materials, to ensure that the leggings are suitable for various activities and weather conditions. We provide high-quality women leggings that meet their specific needs and preferences.

Sports Bras

Leopard Apparels offer bespoke services for custom sports bra manufacturing, we offer customers / brands / companies to design and create their own sports bras and gym tops with their own size, fits, specifications and preferences.

We offer custom sports bra with low MOQ and custom logo and labels, we offer similar level of customization for custom women gym tops and other fitness apparel. We manufacture and produce sports bras with the option to choose from a variety of fabrics, styles, and colors. We use the best suited fabric for custom sports bras, our fabrics are breathable, moisture-wicking, quick dry, comfortable, durable and functional for various type of activities like gym, yoga, running and works.So if you looking for high quality custom sports bras and women gym tops contact us.

custom active wear

Leopard Apparels is a leading custom activewear manufacturers for startups and established brands specializing in producing high-quality, custom sportswear, custom gym wear, custom yoga wear and custom fitness wear with low MOQs and doorstep deliveries worldwide. As high-quality manufacturer we work closely with our customers and brands to create custom activewears that meets their unique needs and specifications. Whether it’s for athletic performance, daily routine wear, gym or workout purposes, we help our customers in creating a unique look and functional a custom activewear clothing products that brings their vision to life.

With the rise in popularity of sports and fitness activities, there is a growing demand for high-quality and stylish activewear that can enhance performance and promote a healthy lifestyle. As a custom activewear manufacturer our role is critical in meeting the demand by providing customized and high-quality sportswear that can meet the needs of athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all levels.

If you’re looking for a custom activewear manufacturers, it’s important to choose a company that has a proven track record of delivering high-quality products. At Leopard Apparels you get excellent customer service, and a commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. With the right approach, we create custom active wears that not only looks great but also performs well and lasts for years to come.

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We are a trusted and reliable manufacturer of custom tracksuits, we produce high-quality tracksuits for new startups, established brand, companies, athletes, sports teams, and fitness enthusiasts. Leopard Apparels has been in the industry for several years now, and we take pride in our team of experienced skilled professionals who are committed to designing, cutting, and sewing every type of tracksuit with precision and attention to detail.

We manufacture versatile custom tracksuits customized according to the unique preferences, size and fits, styles and branding of our customers. We use only the finest materials and state-of-the-art technology to create durable and comfortable tracksuits that can withstand the rigors of intense sports training and competitions. We prioritize excellence in every aspect of our production, from the quality of our materials to the timely delivery of finished products. At our tracksuits manufacturing company, we guarantee reliable customer service and competitive pricing to meet the needs of our customers. Contact us today to learn more about our custom tracksuits offerings and how we can help you fulfil your sportswear needs.



We at Leopard Apparels manufacture and supply custom gym, running and workout shorts for men and women. We are dedicated to produce high-quality, comfortable and functional custom shorts for all your exercise and workout needs. Our team of experienced and skilled professionals work tirelessly to ensure that our products are made with the best materials and the latest technology. Our focus on innovation and design allows us to create shorts that not only look great but also perform exceptionally well during even the toughest workouts.

Whether you’re a new sportswear, active wear clothing start-up or an established brand we can make custom gym, running and workout shorts in a range of styles and sizes to meet your needs. We make custom shorts for optimal support, flexibility, and ventilation, ensuring that wearer stay cool and comfortable no matter how intense the workout is. We place a high emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendly practices. We believe in doing our part to protect the planet, which is why we use environmentally conscious materials and manufacturing methods.

Our goal is to provide you with the best possible custom running, gym and workout shorts for enhanced workout experience.

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Sweat Pants

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Leopard Apparels manufacture and supply premium quality OEM custom sportswear with low MOQ and doorstep deliveries worldwide.

We are one of the leading sportswear manufacturers from Sialkot, Pakistan. For more than a decade Leopard Apparels supplying and exporting custom sportswear. We are sportswear custom clothing manufacturers and supply custom sportswear to establish brands and sportswear clothing manufacturers for startups. The custom sportswear clothing production can be very daunting and intimidating at some times for beginning because of so many technical details, design, style, fabric, fitting, sizing, cuts and many other options to choose from. As a professional custom sportswear manufacturer and activewear manufacturer we work together with our customer like there own team and help them choose the best options.


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custom sweat pants manufacturers

sweat pants

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